We all know that walls are the real canvases at our home and decorating them wisely is the key to having a good-looking home. The most common thing we all do for walls is to nail in a lot of framed photographs or put up wall stickers. Not that either of them is a bad choice of decorating walls but they can be classified as just “normal” and also you can’t do that to every other wall at home right? The DIY decorative wall plate is the perfect choice if you are looking for interesting ways to customize your wall.

Wallplates are a really interesting decor choice for filling up space on blank walls. Search for decorative wall plates and you will be flooded with umpteen online stores selling pretty wall plates, most of them being ceramic plates. Although my initial plan was to purchase pretty hand-painted wall plates, I changed my mind later because of all the experiences we had trying to put up nails on the walls at our new home. The walls are so fragile on the outside that the entire putty chips out when you hammer in a nail! The next thought of course was to DIY my own lightweight wallplates and here you go. I have the tutorial for it and you too can make them in a jiffy

How to make DIY decorative wall plates.
For starters, decide the wall where you want to decorate with plates and have a basic idea of how many plates and of how many sizes you might need. It looks more beautiful when your wall plates are of at least two different sizes so that they beautifully merge on the wall.

I made these DIY decorative wall plates in two sets – one which was made 2 years back and another one that I just finished last week. I first bought white dining plates (full size & half-size). Since the plates were gloss finish, I first applied a coat of white matte gesso with the help of sponge daubers.

The theme of my wall plates was “handmade” so basically, I could just paint anything! But most importantly I wanted it to have florals, wreaths & lettering because you know why!

While I did like all my handpainted wallplates, I wanted a few plates with really elegant florals. So I decoupaged floral papers on two of the wall plates. Also dabbed a few similar colors here and there so that the decoupage work merged with the plate, otherwise, it was oddly standing out against the white.